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Not a lot to report this week, as there was no competitiion on either Tuesday or Saturday.

Our Queens Birthday Ambrose on Monday was well attended.     Who could have beaten the top team of Matt Richards, Pat Buckett, Shane McGorlick and Mick Holohan who had 56 off the stick.  How many birdies was that?  With a handicap of 32/5 their net score was 523/5.   

The runners-up were Shane Cumming, Anne and Peter Norris with 74(14.5)59.5.

It was a fun day of three-person Ambrose on Wednesday.      

The winners were Jenny Fisher (20), Anne Gunton (37) and Elizabeth Goss (34) with 83(151/5)675/6.    

The runners-up were Sandy Wettenhall (21), Marion Williamson (20) and Marlene Read (45) with 84(141/3)692/3.

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Sunday, June 17th